Sunday, March 18, 2012

Bugs and Minibeasts - spider title page

Leevi brought a spider to school. 
We talked about what we knew about spiders.  We looked at our spider and wondered what the bits in the front were.  Some of us thought they might be antennae, some thought they were eyes and some thought they were nippers. We saw that our spider had 8 legs and it had 2 parts to its body. 
We had a look on the internet at some spiders to see if we could find out what kind of spider we had.
We read a book about spiders and looked at some pictures in other books.
We brainstormed everything we knew about spiders. 

 Then we made a Title Page for spiders.  We did some fancy lettering and had a go at drawing a spider. 
How do you think we did?

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