Tuesday, March 27, 2012

7 days to go and mosquito lifecycles

Only 7 teaching days left in the term and next Tuesday we have our Triathlon.  Our last few days are turning hectic and its been pretty full on in Room 3. 

Today we looked at the life cyle of a mosquito and we did some really great thinking. 

Mrs Griffin brought in some 'wriggler's which is the common term for mosquito larvae. We watched some videos to see a mosquito laying a raft of eggs. 

We found out that mosquitoes can't live in water but their babies do.
But the mosquito larvae hatches into the water and wriggles around. They have little tubes they stick out of the water so they can breath air and they feed in the water.

Then the mosquito larvae moults four times before turning into a pupa.
Then the mosquito hatches from the pupa and flies away.
It only lives a few days to lay some eggs and dies.

We made conclusions about the mosquito and its life cycle. 
The eggs float on the water so the mosquito doesn't get wet or drown. 
We thought about why a mosquito has amazing eyes that see all around it.
We concluded that mosquito eyes help them to see things coming from behind that might eat them and so they don't get hit by cars.
We also concluded that mosquitos lay rafts of eggs that float on the water so they don't have to get wet because they can't live in water. 

We made connections and comparisons between mosquito, butterfly and spider lifecycles.

Connections and comparisons:
Mosquito larvae moult like spiderlings.
Mosquito larvae turn into pupa just like caterpillars.
They only live a few days to lay eggs and then die, just like spiders.

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