Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Crayon Holders Challenge

All the crayons in Room 3 are old and multicoloured from rubbing together.  Mrs Griffin has got some nice new ones, but doesn't want them rubbing together. and getting ruined.  When we colour with blue, Mrs Griffin wants to see blue on our picture, not smears of pink in it as well!
Our Challenge:
to come up with a crayon holder that would prevent the crayons rubbing together and getting 'dirty' with other colours.
Our Solution:
'clay' dough holders.
We talked about ways we could make crayon holders to prevent the crayons rubbing together.  We talked about the kinds of shapes we could use and about the angles needed to make the crayons stay in.
We made crayon holders from dough that we mixed up in class.  Everyone had a turn at the mixing.
Then we worked in pairs to make our own style of crayon holder.  We used the crayons to poke dents into the dough to hold the crayons.  Then we took the crayons out.
Next Mrs Griffin put the holders onto oven trays and baked them in the oven.  We plan on painting our holders.
We will see if they work. 
We might need to modify and refine our process.
 We all had a turn at mixing.  Mrs Griffin made three batches of dough mix so we could work in pairs.

 We had to have another go with some of them because we made them too flat and the crayons poked holes right through the dough.  We decided our dough needed to look more like a muffin or a pie, than a biscuit.

 Our Recipe

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