Term 2, 2012
We know there are three states of matter, solids, gas and liquids.  We know that the everything is made up of molecules.  We know that molecules are closer together in solids and further apart in gases.

Sinking and Floating

Fizzing and Foaming

Term 1, 2012
We are learning about insect life cycles.  Here are a series of Youtube clips showing the mosquito life cycle.  For more on what we have been learning take a look on our home page for our minibeast folder books.

Sick Science

More Science Toys

Science Term 4, 2011
These are our explanations of the water cycle

The Water Cycle
by Dylan
My name is Dylan and I am going to tell you about the water cycle.  The water cycle is about how it rains. Water is made as liquid.  The sun heats the water and turns it into a gas.  It is called evaporation.  Then the gas goes into the clouds.  It is condensed.  But when the cloud gets too cold and starts to rain, it is called precipitation.  I know one more thing, I know that it goes around and around,  The water cycle never ends.

The Water Cycle
By Nathan
I am going to tell you about the water cycle.  The puddles evaporate and turn into clouds and it rains.

The Water Cycle
by Liam
My name is Liam.  Evaporation is when water goes up and rain comes down.  Water starts off as a liquid and the sun pulls it up as a gas and when it gets really cold it rains.  It goes in the mountains and then it starts back again.

The Water Cycle
by Paige
The sun came up and the water turns into gas.  Gas it goes up to the sky.  The gas turns into clouds.  The clouds get blown around.  It gets cold.  Then it rains.

The Water Cycle
by Sebastian
The sun makes the water turn into gas.  The gas goes into the clouds.  The clouds get cold.  Then it rains.

The Water Cycle
by Lars
The water gets hot from the sun and turns into gas.  It goes up in the sky and then it condenses in the cold and is precipitation.

The Water Cycle
by Amber
Water dries up from the sun.  It turns into gas and clouds and gets cold and turns back into water.

The Water Cycle
by Andreas
I am going to tell you about the water cycle.  First it rains, then the sun turns the water into gas.  Then it gets cold.  Then the clouds can't hold any more water.  Then it rains.

The Water Cycle
by Isaiah
It started with liquid.  Then it turned into gas.  Then it turned into clouds, then the wind blows it where ever it goes.  Then it gets cold.  Then it starts to rain.

The Water Cycle
by Andrew
Water starts on the ground, then turns into a gas.  Then changes to clouds and the wind blows it.  Then it rains when clouds get cold.

The Water Cycle
by Jasmine
First the water starts off with a liquid and evaporation into gas.  Gas goes up into the clouds and it turns to ice and then it rains when it gets cold up in the clouds and it hails too.

The Water Cycle
by Cullum
Water starts on the ground and then turns into gas and then it turns into clouds.  Cold turns it into rain.

The Water Cycle
by Chance
I am going to tell you about the water cycle.  It starts off with liquid and then goes up in the air and then it gets cold and then it rains,

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