Fantastic Writing

Class of 2012

We have made awesome progress in our writing.
Here are examples of stories written at the beginning of each term to show our progress.

Kyla Term 1

Kyla Term 2

Kyla Term 3

Anton Term 1

Anton Term 2

Anton Term 3

Anton Term 4

Rhys Term 1

Rhys Term 2

Rhys Term 3

Tama Term 1

Tama term 2

Tama Term 3

Tama Term 4
Ella term 1

Ella term 2
Ella Term 3

Ella Term 4

Charleigh Term 1

Charleigh term 2

Charleigh Term 3

Charleigh Term 4

Letitia term 1

Letitia Term 2

Letitia Term 3

Letitia Term 4

Tammy Term 1
Tammy Term 2

Tammy Term 3

Tammy Term 4

Wharewhiti Term 1

Wharewhiti Term 2

Wharewhiti Term 3

Wharewhiti Term 4

Zoe term 1

Zoe Term 3

Eden term 1

Eden term 2

Eden Term 3

Eden Term 4

Hinemoa term 1

Hinemoa term 2

Hinemoa Term 3

Hinemoa Term 4
Leevi term 1

Leevi term 2

Taj term 1

Taj term 2

Taj Term 3

Taj Term 4
Chloe term 1

Chloe Term 2

Chloe Term 3

Chloe Term 4

Caleb term 1

Caleb term 2

Caleb Term 3

Mahiro Term 1

Term 2

Mahiro Term 3

Mahiro Term 4

This term we will be looking at minibeasts (insects & spiders) as well as plants.  Today Ella brought in some cicada exoskeletons (shells).  We looked at videos of a cicada shedding its exoskeleton and then we did some awesome writing about them.
Ella holding a cicada exoskeleton.
One of the cicadas didn't make it :-(

Using alphabet charts to help our writing.

Using our new crayon holders to help us with our illustrations.

Class of 2011
We are learning to write about ourselves and our world.
We are learning to edit and publish our work.
We have been making circles, each one getting bigger than the last one, to write about ourselves, our town, our country, our planet and our solar system.  It has been a lot of work with editing and rewriting.  We wrote in gel pens and then dyed over the top.

We are learning to use adjectives and similes in our writing. We heard the story Bad Jelly the Witch today and listened for all the similes that Spike Milligan used. What a cool story. We realised that we can write about anything and it doesn't have to be real!

If you would like to listen to Bad Jelly the Witch, here is the first part of the story, read by Spike Milligan

and here is the end of the story

Narrative Writing
We are learning to write in a narrative style.  We have been trying to use adjectives and similes in our writing.  We are learning to make our writing more interesting.
Here are some of our stories about space.

Spaceship by Ngaio
The spaceship was flying fast, but suddenly it crashed into a  big rock.  Then someone came and fixed it and it went flying back out in the dark.  It was so cold.  Next it crashed again.  It crashed in mars and it was icy.

The End of Space by Jasmine
Once upon a time there was a spaceship.  It was flying so fast that it flew into the moon and exploded everywhere.  The colour of the explosion was pink, purple and glittery.  The end of that story.

In space a long long time ago by Liam
The spaceship was flying fast, but suddenly a meteor crashed into space and then the meteor crashed into the spaceship.  "Oh no" said the aliens, "we have to get out of here quick.  Get in the space suits quick.  Lets go to Saturn where there are lots of places to sleep."  The end.

Once upon a time by Andreas
The spaceship was flying fast, but suddenly something was firing at them.  All of the men shouted we are under attack, commence firing.  But, he had a plan - with his long arms he could lift the bombs and throw the bombs at the earth and the earth blew up.  BANG!

In Space by Andrew
The spaceship was flying fast, but suddenly it crashed hard onto a planet.  It crashed onto the moon.  The spaceship was blue and the moon was grey and had huge holes.  The spaceship exploded.  The people said "oh no."

The Flying Saucer by Rebecca
The spaceship was flying fast, but suddenly a moon rock hit the spaceship and the batteries went flying out of the flying saucer.  But the batteries came back because somebody gave them back.

The Spaceship by Piper-Rose
The spaceship was flying fast, but suddenly it crashed.  It crashed because the person walked away.  There was a power cut.  All the lights went off.  It was dark and it had spiders because it was a rusty spaceship.  It was as big as a car.  Some people are coming to get them.  Then the people towed the spaceship and the people got a ride to earth.  The people in earth got to meet them.

The Alien Attack by Dylan
The spaceship was flying fast, but suddenly it crashed on a strange planet.  The planet was called Colendeth.  On that planet, there were three aliens and two astronauts which were named Dave and Bob.  They are the famous astronauts in the whole entire world, but they were attacked by the three aliens because they were mad fans.  The End.

Spaceship by Cullum
The spaceship was flying fast, but suddenly, bang, a meteor crashed into the spaceship.  One man went out and was fixing the spaceship.  Then he was all finished fixing the spaceship.  The spaceship was going back to Earth to their master.  Then the meteor crashed in the Earth.  The Earth blew up, everyone got dead.  Some people did not get dead because they were in an aeroplane.  The End.

Spaceship by Paige
The spaceship was flying fast, but suddenly it blew up and then I got frightened.  Then people came to fix it and then it blew up again.

Here are some more stories:
The wolf and the small farmer by Liam
Once upon a time there was a little farmer who always wears a hat, but suddenly a big hairy wolf came.  He was trying to eat his hat because it attracts wolves.  The end

The Little Farmer by Ngaio
Once upon a time there was a little farmer and his name was Tim.   Time had blue eyes.  He had brown hair.  He always wore a hat.  He lived in a place with 14 windows and a door.  He worked hard.  One day he was milking the cows.  He was wearing the hat.  His uniform was green and yellow.  When he was milking the cows his hat fell off his head.  Then a cow came and ate it.  The end.

The Farmer by Dylan
Once upon a time there was a little farmer who always wears a hat.  His hat was green.  His horses are pink.  His overalls are yellow and he ha ten farm dogs.  They had lots of colours, but they always drink milk.  His wild bulls are big as tractors.  Their house was broken.  The farmer was cooking pancakes.  He makes the best pancakes in the whole entire world.  He lived happy ever after.

The Farmer by Piper-Rose
Once upon a time there lived a farmer who always wore a hat.  Once day he was milking the cow, but suddenly the cows splashed the farmer in the face!  The farmer was wearing a big blue suit with a red hat.  He got mud in his hair.  He couldn't wash it off because it had dried up.  It dried up because he was too far away from his home.  The end.

The Farmer by Nathan
Once upon a time the farmer Bob is working hard harvesting grass and feeding the cows.  He was tired.  He went home to sleep.  He had a shower.  He had a beer.

Once upon a time there was a small sheep who swims in the ocean.  He is green.  His friends went on a camping trip into a cave.  The cave was as dark as space.  But suddenly crash bash ding dong!
"What was that?" said sheep.
"I don't know," said fish, "I will cook some pies for tea."  The End.

Some more stories

The lizard who had the coolest hair by Liam
Once upon a time there was one boy and one lizard, they became friends.  They both had the coolest hair of all.  The boy said "I thought lizards don't have hair."  "Oh I am the only lizard who has hair."
The End.

Once upon a time on the weekend I went to the daffodil farm and there was a maze and I played tag and I was in and tagged Alex.  Alex didn't tag me.  The End.  By Sebastian.

After school I am going to play rugby with David and Jonathan and Anton and Mummy and Andreas.  "It was fun," said Andreas.

I am Angus.  Today is Friday.  I am going somewhere special on Sunday morning.  I am going to have so much fun.  I like going places, it is so good for me.

I am Chase.  Today is Friday and me and my mum went to the river and we had a BBQ that was right now and we got some picnic and put it in the box.  Then we put the lid on.  The end.

Last night me, mum and dad went to the Warehouse.  I rode on my bike and my mum and dad walked.  we went t the warehouse because I needed a new bike helmet.  On the way I saw Amber and her mum Annette.  By Piper-Rose

I love to make noise by Dylan
I love to make lots of noise.
I love to make a cling! Clang!
Its so much fun, but when I have a bun
I have to be quiet.
I love making noise, its so much fun.

We are learning to write explanations. Here are some of our explanations of Jump Jam.

Jump Jam
I am Piper-Rose. I am going to tell you about Jump Jam. Jump Jam is like dancing, but it is exercise. Jump Jam is fun and cool. Jump Jam is a good winter sport for warming up. You have music for Jump Jam. If you don’t have music, you won’t know what to do.

Jump Jam
My name is Jasmine. Jump Jam is a winter warm up and it is exercise too. You copy the people on the deck like Miss MacDonald. She was up on the deck today and she was dancing for Jump Jam. Liam and Chance were up on the deck for Jump Jam too. You have to move like a star in the sky.

Jump Jam
By Isaiah
Jump Jam is good for exercise. You dance to a beat. It makes you warm in the winter.

Jump Jam
I am going to tell you about Jump Jam. Its like dancing, but you learn. Its like exercise too. Jump Jam is cool. Jump Jam is good for you. Jump Jam warms you up. Jump Jam is fun.

Jump Jam
By Ngaio
This is a story about Jump Jam. Jump Jam is a good thing for our bodies. We dance to music and copy the people on the stage.

Jump Jam
I am Emma. I am going to tell you about Jump Jam. It is a winter sport to get warm.

Jump Jam
by Cullum
Jump Jam is cool. It is exercise. It is good for you. I like Jump Jam. It is music and dancing.

Jump Jam
I am Sebastian. I am going to tell you about Jump Jam. I like Jump Jam. Jump Jam is cool. It is moving to music.


  1. Fantastic writing! You are all becoming very clever writers. I can't wait to read some more.

  2. What great writing! Keep up the fantastic work kids. I am pleased to see you all like jump jam. I do two.