Wednesday, May 16, 2012

States of Matter - Water & Dissolving

We have been learning about states of matter. 
We already know that water is a liquid, but know we know when it is cooled to 0 degrees Centigrade it becomes a solid called ice.  When it is heated to 100 degrees Centigrade it boils and turns into a gas called water vapour.  Yesterday we did a little experiment to see water turn into a gas.
Today Room 2 joined us for a scientific exploration of water and salt.  We mixed 7 teaspoons of salt in half a cup of boiling water.  We checked to see whether the water level in our cups rose.  We all had a turn stirring it and then we put some food colouring in.  Some of us had a taste - ewww yuck!

Then we painted with our salt mixture, creating beautiful works of art.  We worked together, sharing and waiting patiently for each person to paint with each colour. 

Here is our salt artwork drying.

When our salt art dried we discovered that the salt was left behind when the water evaporated.  Here are the results:

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