Thursday, May 24, 2012

Healthy Multiplication

Today we worked as a class to make some multiplication pictures and write the equations to match.  We had pictures of healthy snacks to glue on to plates.  We each had 2 plates and had to choose some equal amounts of healthy snacks to glue on each of our plates.   Here is our group effort to go on the wall.  We all did an individual one in our maths books - you can take a look on our maths page (click the link above).

Maths art

We had some trees and we finger painted apples with our littlest finger.  We had to have the same number of apples on each tree. We painted a background and glued our trees on.  Then we had to figure out how many apples we had altogether.
Some of us found it quite a challenge to fit our trees on without having them float in the sky.  Mrs Griffin said they have to touch the ground.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

States of Matter - Water & Dissolving

We have been learning about states of matter. 
We already know that water is a liquid, but know we know when it is cooled to 0 degrees Centigrade it becomes a solid called ice.  When it is heated to 100 degrees Centigrade it boils and turns into a gas called water vapour.  Yesterday we did a little experiment to see water turn into a gas.
Today Room 2 joined us for a scientific exploration of water and salt.  We mixed 7 teaspoons of salt in half a cup of boiling water.  We checked to see whether the water level in our cups rose.  We all had a turn stirring it and then we put some food colouring in.  Some of us had a taste - ewww yuck!

Then we painted with our salt mixture, creating beautiful works of art.  We worked together, sharing and waiting patiently for each person to paint with each colour. 

Here is our salt artwork drying.

When our salt art dried we discovered that the salt was left behind when the water evaporated.  Here are the results:

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

A massive spider visited us today

Leevi brought this huge spider to school today.  We had a look at the bits that stick out the back - the spinerets that help pull the silk out.

Our Tree of Success is growing

Look at all our handprints on our Tree of Success.  We have lots of handprints showing our success in spelling and reading.  Now we are starting to fill up the maths side of our tree.