Sunday, April 29, 2012

Good Readers

Good Readers
We are learning to be good readers.  This poster shows the skills and strategies that we need to use to help us become good readers.

We are scientists

This term we will be learning all about
Sinking & Floating and Fizzing & Foaming.  So keep an eye out for some exciting experiments coming to our blog soon.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Olympic games numbers

Welcome back to Term 2.  Its going to be a busy term.  I hope you enjoyed your holidays - the weather was fantastic.  The Olympics will be on in London in Term 3, but here are a few numbers to think about in the meantime.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Frogs set free

The frogs from Room 1 and Room 3 have been set free. 
They are enjoying their new found freedom and some sun. 
They are safe in Mrs Griffin's trough which is covered with some wire netting to protect them.  There are also lots of water bugs for them to eat.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

A duathlon to replace our cancelled triathlon

Our triathlon was cancelled due to the unpredictable weather making it difficult to walk to our venue, so we had a duathlon at school instead.

Amazing patterns, syndicate team work and a get well card

Zoe, Kyla and Hinemoa made a beautiful pattern and tower with our counters and beans.

On Wednesday the Pounamu Syndicate got together for an Easter craft celebration.  We made iced biscuits, popcorn, rabbit ears, easter egg baskets and much, much more.

We had to colour all our easter eggs in the same pattern.  We kept one to glue on our own basket and then we had to swap all our other easter eggs, so that all the eggs in our basket had different patterns.  We did a fantastic job of working together and sharing for success.

Our Minibeast Foldables

We have been investigating insects and arachnids (spiders). 
We have made some foldable books showing all our hard work.
Inside our foldable books you will find:
  • We made books showing the life cycle of the butterfly and the ladybug.  
  • We labelled a diagram of a fly.
  • We worked on a Venn Diagram comparing and contrasting spiders and insects.
  • We had half a dragonfly and drew the other half for symmetrical drawing.
  • We asked questions during our study and researched the answers.  Then we made a butterfly card and glued in our interesting questions and answers (please excuse Mrs Griffin's spelling mistakes because she was rushing and didn't check her work).
  • Finally we had a Jar of Bugs - we thought of all the bugs we knew and wrote the names in our jar.
Check out our foldable books AND our questions below.