Monday, March 5, 2012

Primary Colours and colour mixing art

We are learning about primary colours and mixing them to create other colours.
We are learning to work together to create cooperative artwork.
First we drew three circles.  Then we painted each circle with a different primary colour.

 These will be the centre of our flowers.
We blended our primary colours on another sheet of paper.
We blended blue and red to make purple.
We blended red and yellow to make orange.
We blended blue and yellow to make green.
We cut our circles out and glued them on a big sheet of paper.

We cut petals out of our blending sheet of paper.
Some people matched our blended petals to one of the primary colours that we had used to create the petal colour.
Purple petals matching a red centre.

Orange petals matched to a yellow centre.

And some people matched the petals to a colour that was not used to create the petal colour.
Orange (made with red and yellow) matched to a blue centre.
Green (made with blue and yellow) matched to a red centre.
Purple (made with blue and red) matched to a yellow centre.
We worked together and helped others finish their flowers.
You can see our artwork in the hallway outside Room 3. 
We hope you like it.


  1. Teacher in CairnsMay 1, 2012 at 11:49 PM

    A lovely idea and one I will do with my year 1's. Thankyou for sharing the pictures