Monday, January 30, 2012

Welcome to 2012

Welcome to 2012
Class Newsletter
Welcome to all my new students in Room 3 and their families.

We have an exciting year ahead.  You will have already noticed a lot of changes in the playground and later we will be getting some garden beds.  This year we will be learning about plants and insects.

 Homework in Room 3

You will find a homework sheet at the back of your child’s homework book.  You need to initial this for any book or poem read and for spelling/alphabet practice.  Your child will get a sticker on their chart in class for each initial.

Your child will have a poem to read every Monday (in their homework book).

We are recognising letters of the alphabet with their correct sounds and drawing attention to words that contain the same letters/sounds. We are learning to recognise patterns in language.
Your child will have a book to read every other day (Tuesday-Friday).

Usually they will get 3 new books a week and 1 previously read book.  Because they are learning to read, it is helpful to see books repeatedly. Children need to see the same words often to recognise patterns, sounds and to gain confidence in their reading ability. 

Your child will have some spelling words to learn to write and/or will be learning the alphabet if they don't already know it (in their homework book).

It is important for your child to recognise and spell some simple words.  They can practice their words independently or with you.  Would you please test them (once a week), tick the words they can spell and initial the spelling sheet when they know all the words.  I will check this on a Monday.  They will get a sticker in class for each spelling sheet completed.

From time to time your child will bring home our Writing Bag or our Mystery Bag.  Instructions are supplied. 

Please check out our Classroom Blog 

you can either get to it via the school website or go straight to

This blog is a way to share our work with our families.

You will find updates of what we have been doing in the classroom along with photos of children and their work.

Please feel free to comment on our work and posts because we love to hear feedback.

This blog is a way to share games and activities that help our learning.

If you want fun homework, our blog is the place to go.

Your child may need assistance to begin with, but hopefully will develop computer skills in the classroom to enable them some independence.

If you don't have a computer or internet connection at home, don't forget your local library computer service.

Parent teacher interviews

Later in the first term we will have Parent Teacher interviews.  I would love the opportunity to discuss your child’s learning with you, so please book an appointment when the information comes home.

I look forward to a wonderful year of teaching and learning.

Kind Regards

Mrs Leanne Griffin