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Dr Seuss
We have been reading Dr Seuss books.  We made green eggs and ham....they look really awful, but Sam I Am is right, they taste just fine if you give them a try.

Mrs Griffin said we were going to make green eggs and ham.  Some of us thought she meant we were going to make a picture of green eggs and ham.  We didn't realise she meant we were going to actually eat green eggs and ham.  We whisked the eggs and then added blue and yellow food colouring.  We discovered that blue and yellow make green.  Everyone had a turn at whisking the eggs.  Then we added in some ham and cooked the eggs.  Ewwww it looked like playdough when it was cooking. Some of us weren't too sure about eating green eggs and ham.  We were surprised when we ate it.  It tasted good.   
Green Eggs and Ham by Liam
We made green eggs and ham.  First we cracked the eggs and we put the colours in it.  We got to stir it and we put the ham in and it looked like juice but green.  We got to taste it and we got to eat it and it was yum.  The end.

I am Cullum.  We ate green eggs and ham.  I gave it to Angus.  Angus scoffed all of it.  He said he liked all of it.
Green Eggs and Ham by Brooklyn.
Green eggs and ham was yum.  I like green eggs and ham, but I thought it was yuck, but it was delicious.  I ate it all.  We made it.  We mixed blue and yellow to make green.  We cracked the eggs.
Green Eggs and Ham by Jasmine
My name is Jasmine.  I am going to tell you about how we made green eggs and ham today and I handed it out to the people and it tasted nice.  Do you know how to make green eggs and ham?  First you get a pot and then crack some eggs too.  Then you stir it until it gets yellow.  Then you get yellow and blue and mix again.  After it cooked we ate it.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

More Explanations

Check out our second attempt at writing explanations. You will find these by clicking on the Fantastic Writing link above.


We are learning to write explanations. Have a look at our first attempts at writing explanations on our Science page. Click on the Science link above and scroll down till you find our explanations about the water cycle.
We tried to remember to include a title, an introductory statement and we needed to talk about liquid evaporating and turning into a gas. We also needed to mention condensation, clouds and rain.
Please feel free to leave comments, we would love to hear what you think.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

 Our Marae Study

We read lots of myths & legends.  Then we made pictures of Maui and his brothers catching the sun.  We used red, yellow and black to blend.  We used wool glued over the top for our nets.  We discovered mixing red and yellow makes orange. 

Kowhaiwhai Panels

We visited a marae.  We saw lots of carvings and lots of woven panels (kowhaiwhai).  It was an awesome day.
We saw this awesome carving wearing a beautiful cloak.  
We made our own Maori cloak using a kowhaiwhai panel & plaited paper at the top.  We used leaf rubbings, hand prints and feathers to decorate our cloak.

We had a go at weaving too.